Investing for tomorrow

Investing For Tomorrow

Bank of the Flint Hills Announces Main Bank Remodel

We are excited to share our plans for a remodel of our main bank in downtown Wamego. Long term, we are committed to keeping Wamego’s downtown vibrant and bustling with employees, traffic, and growth for our company and the downtown. The last few years have shown tremendous change in our customer and staff needs. By initializing this investment and remodel, we plan to meet those needs now, and into the future.


This remodel comes at a time when the enhancements will allow us to better serve both our customers and our staff. We are already looking forward to the completion of the project and sharing our new building with you.

REN_001_20054_BOFH_Final Exterior.png
REN_001_20054_BOFH_Final Interior.jpg
When will this location close?

We will close the Wamego Main Bank building in its entirety on Friday, April 22nd and this will be the last day to access the building for business purposes.

This is the branch I use, what am I supposed to do?
Will the downtown ATM and Night-drop still be available for my use during construction?
I am a business, how will my change orders work?
I need to access my safe deposit box – what do I do?
I am a Legacy Member and want to see Heather. How do I reach her?