Financial Literacy Lessons


Money matters, for all of us

Financial education and literacy are so important!

Follow along for teachers' guides and lessons to use at home. 


Money Matters: Why it pays to be financially responsible 

Teacher's Guide: Lesson 1 

Student Activity: Lesson 1 


Money Matters: Dream big, Money and goals

Teacher's Guide: Lesson 2

Student Activity: Lesson 2 


Money Matters: Researching and Buying a Car 

Teacher's Guide: Lesson 3

Student Activity: Lesson 3


Money Matters: Researching College Options 

Teacher's Guide: Lesson 4

Student Activity: Lesson 4


Money Matters: Resume and Careers

Teacher's Guide: Lesson 5

Student Activity: Lesson 5


Money Matters: Why Credit Matters 

Teacher's Guide: Lesson 6

Student Activity: Lesson 6