Banking Services

Enjoy the perks of being a Bank of the Flint Hills' customer


Notary Services

  • Notary Services are available for witnessing the signing of legal documents
  • 100% free to Bank of the Flint Hills' customers
  • Non-customers pay the low fee of $5 per document


Money Orders

  • Money Order ($1000.00 or greater) - $5
  • Money Order (any amount up to $999.99) - $2


Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit is free for Bank of the Flint Hills' customers
  • Funds electronically deposited into account(s) of your choice
  • Enroll through employer


Wire Transfers

Receive and send funds no matter your location

Utilize Wire Transfers at Bank of the Flint Hills as an easy method to transfer funds from a BFH bank account to another bank domestically or internationally.

  • Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing) - $20 per wire
  • Foreign Wire Transfer (outgoing) - $60 per wire
  • Recurring Wire Transfer (outgoing) - $10 per wire*

*Wires sent to the same recipient and same institution on a regular basis as determined by BFH.

Download domestic wiring instructionsDownload international wiring instructions


Additional Banking Services

Coin processing

Customers- 5% of amount, $3 min

Non-customers- 10% of amount, $5 min

Replace ATM/Debit card or PIN

$10 each

Foreign ATM withdrawal

$2.95 per transaction

Loan reserve transfer fee

$10 per transfer

Check printing

Fee depends on style & quantity of checks 

Temporary checks

$5/10 Checks

NSF paid item charge(s)*

$30 per item

NSF returned item charge(s)*

$30 per item

Charge back fee(s) (deposited checks or other items returned unpaid)

$10 per item

Account activity printout


Special statement, images included

$5 per month

Account research (one hour minimum,

plus $1 per copy)

$30 per hour

Account balancing assistance (one hour minimum)

$30 per hour

Premature account closing (within 90 days)


Reset internet banking password

$5 per occurrence

Stop payment - all items

$30 per item

Account watch fee

$50 up to 30 days


$25 each

Dormant account fee (per month)**


Fax fees (outgoing)

$3 for first page, $1 for each additional page

Fax fees (incoming)

$1 each page

Check cashing for non-customer (per check)***

1% check amount

($5 minimum)

Zipper bags

$5 each

Lock bags

$25 each

Internet Banking Gift Check

Varies and subject to change dependent upon date of usage

Internet Banking Charity Donation

Varies and subject to change dependent upon date of usage

Online Bill Pay-Rush Delivery

Varies and subject to change dependent upon date of usage

* Additional Information: Charge(s) apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, reoccuring debit card item or other electronic means. 
**A checking account is dormant if for nine months you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account. A savings account is dormant if for three years you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account. A checking or savings account is dormant if your account statement or other correspondence has been returned for an incorrect address.

***Applies to non-customers and customers who maintain minimal balances as determined by BFH.


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