Banking Services

Enjoy the perks of being a Bank of the Flint Hills' customer


Notary Services

  • Notary Services are available for witnessing the signing of legal documents
  • 100% free to Bank of the Flint Hills' customers
  • Non-customers pay the low fee of $5 per document


Money Orders

  • Money Order ($1000.00 or greater) - $5
  • Money Order (any amount up to $999.99) - $2


Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit is free for Bank of the Flint Hills' customers
  • Funds electronically deposited into account(s) of your choice
  • Enroll through employer


Wire Transfers

Receive and send funds no matter your location

Utilize Wire Transfers at Bank of the Flint Hills as an easy method to transfer funds from a BFH bank account to another bank domestically or internationally.

  • Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing) - $20 per wire
  • Foreign Wire Transfer (outgoing) - $60 per wire
  • Recurring Wire Transfer (outgoing) - $10 per wire*

*Wires sent to the same recipient and same institution on a regular basis as determined by BFH.

Download domestic wiring instructionsDownload international wiring instructions


Additional Banking Services

Coin processing

Customers- 5% of amount, $3 min

Non-customers- 10% of amount, $5 min

Replace ATM/Debit card or PIN

$5 each

Foreign ATM withdrawal

$2.50 per transaction

Loan reserve transfer fee

$10 per transfer

Check printing

Fee depends on style & quantity of checks 

Temporary checks

$2 per 10 checks

NSF paid item charge(s)*

$30 per item

NSF returned item charge(s)*

$30 per item

Charge back fee(s) (deposited checks or other items returned unpaid)

$5 per item

Account activity printout


Special statement, images included

$3 per month

Account research (one hour minimum,

plus $1 per copy)

$20 per hour

Account balancing assistance (one hour minimum)

$20 per hour

Premature account closing (within 90 days)


Reset internet banking password

$5 per occurrence

Stop payment - all items

$20 per item

Account watch fee

$30 up to 30 days


$25 each

Dormant account fee (per month)**


Fax fees (outgoing)

$3 for first page, $1 for each additional page

Fax fees (incoming)

$1 each page

Check cashing for non-customer (per check)***

1% check amount

($5 minimum)

Zipper bags

$5 each

Lock bags

$15 each

* Additional Information: Charge(s) apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, reoccuring debit card item or other electronic means. 
**A checking account is dormant if for nine months you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account. A savings account is dormant if for three years you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account. A checking or savings account is dormant if your account statement or other correspondence has been returned for an incorrect address.

***Applies to non-customers and customers who maintain minimal balances as determined by BFH.


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