Sweep Services

Maximize your Line of Credit

With Bank of the Flint Hills' Sweep Services you can lessen the gap between your accounts receivable and your Line of Credit or checking account. Payments to your Line of Credit are made easy and you can assure that your business checking has available funds as needed.


How it works:

  • Link your business checking account to a Line of Credit
  • Set a predetermined amount to be allocated to your checking account or Line of Credit
  • After the ending balance of you busines checking is calculated, any remaining funds that exist in excess of the predetermined amount will be moved into the linked account you have selected
  • If the ending balance in your checking account is below a predetermined amount, funds will transferred from your line of credit into your checking account automatically

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Meet Our Commercial Loan Officers

Brian Wohler

Brian Wohler

Vice President - Commercial Lending - NMLS #1014093

Brian's banking career started in college in Clay Center, Kansas. Moving into the Commercial Banking field in 1993, Brian joined the BFH team in 2002. He enjoys supporting the local theater and school events and has served roles in both the Colombian Theatre Foundation and the Wamego Athletic Booster Club. He is a PYRO... read more



Matt Bulk

Matt Bulk

Vice President - Commercial Lending - NMLS #1042307

In the 15 years Matt has worked at Bank of the Flint Hills as a commercial lender, his favorite aspect of the job is to get into the nuts and bolts of a business. Spending time with his clients, poring over their financials and helping them make sound decisions is what drives him day after day. In his spare time, Matt... read more



Troy Pfeifer

Troy Pfeifer

Vice President - Commercial / Agriculture Lending - NMLS #1112697

Troy brings years of banking and financial planning experience to his clients. In his role as a lender, his passion is getting in the “field”, meeting with current and prospective borrowers and assisting them in making their visions, a reality. Troy especially enjoys volunteering at Farmers Night, an event where more... read more




Mark Metzler

Vice President - Commercial Lending - NMLS 580136

With more than 33 years of banking experience, Mark's favorite thing about his job is working with customers to realize personal and business financial goals. A lifelong ag guy, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from K-State. He enjoys spending spare time spoiling his grandkids and fitting in woodworking... read more

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Mason Hinkle

Loan Officer - NMLS 1868442

Mason is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Agribusiness and a minor in Farm and Ranch Real Estate Appraisal. “Ag is my passion. Banking interested me because I realized the importance of good relationships in both good times and bad.” Mason enjoys spending his free time outdoors and volunteers his... read more