Telephone Banking (1-833-546-4419)

Don't have a smartphone? You don't need it. Get your balance and latest transactions by dialing our automated telephone banking system.



The initial setup requires the account number and the social security number associated with the account. A PIN number will be required for all inquires and is created the first time you call. 


Global Commands

To hear Spanish Press 2 

Speech (8*)

Help Menu (1*)

Main Menu (3*) 

Go Back (*) 

Skip (5*)

Repeat (#)

Hang Up (7*)

Operator (0)


Main Menu Options

1. Account Balance

2. Account History

3. Funds Transfer or Make a Payment 

1. Transfer funds immediately 

2. Schedule a funds transfer 

3. Payments menu

1. Make an immediate payment

2. Schedule a payment

4. List scheduled funds transfers

4. Card Services

1. Activate a card

2. Deactivate a card

3. Re-order a card

5. Stop Payment 

1. Stop payment inquiry 

2. Submit a stop payment; specific check 

3. Submit a stop payment; check range

6. Interest Rates

7. Get Bank Information 

8. Future Dated Transactions

1. Hear ACH transactions

2. List scheduled funds transfers

9. Additional Options

1. Get account information by email 

2. PIN maintenance (change PIN number)

3. Merchant check verification 


If you have questions about our telephone banking system, please call any branch for guidance and assistance.